Men’s Pelvic Health

Food for Men: 10 Foods to Boost Male Health

Foods men should include in their diets to improve health and prevent disease. By Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD/LD WebMD Weight Loss Clinic- Expert Column Men are different from women in all kinds of ways — including their nutritional needs. Just as women need particular nutrients during pregnancy or for protection from breast cancer, men need nutrients…

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Men’s Groin Pain: Why The Fuss About It?

Men’s Groin Pain: Why the Fuss About it? It Happens…   First, a Lesson in the Male Pelvic Anatomy   The “groin” is often considered the triangular part of the upper thigh which is bordered by the pubic bone, abdomen and the femur (long thigh bone). The soft tissue and other important bits that are around this…

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