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Therapeutic Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage may be gentle, seem more aggressive in its approach, or something in-between. As a client, you can request light, medium, or intense pressure and ask the practitioner to adjust their touch accordingly. Sessions typically last 30-60 minutes.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Many people seek massage therapy—the manual manipulation of muscles and tendons beneath the skin—for relief from any kind of physical pain. Deep tissue massage therapy is often the massage of choice for athletes who want help with healing from various injuries or for those seeking help with the management of chronic pain or muscle tension.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)



IASTM is a simple, yet effective, manual therapy technique that will help you achieve better results. A Hypervolt percussion gun will be used. If you work out like an athlete then recover like one.

No Hidden Fees

No parking fee, or resort fee. clear simple pricing, no games.

My Approach to Therapeutic Massage Therapy

I bring over eight years of therapeutic massage therapy experience and education to the massage table! I offer you diverse and comprehensive therapeutic massage sessions. Your treatment goals are foremost, and your needs will be heard and addressed. I utilize both traditional and alternative massage treatment techniques and may recommend self-care tips and exercise options that evolve with your individual healing process.

My intention is to be a facilitator in your healing process and health maintenance. I believe that within the human body is the desire and ability to be well. I serve to act as a catalyst for this process, by providing you with massage therapy for chronic pain relief.

This is your time – I encourage you to enjoy the stillness of your session, and sense the changes occurring in your body while we work – you don’t need to be entertaining or start a conversation; that being said, please recognize that I do not read minds. I expect my clients to participate in his or her experience and give feedback as needed during the treatment.

I believe that prolonged stress, whether environmental, physical or emotional is a primary factor in disease and a true obstacle to healing. Therefore, I welcome you to a peace-filled and relaxing environment for you to experience therapeutic massage therapy for chronic pain relief.

I provide massage therapy to people needing help with:

  • Chronic pain relief
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Stress reduction
  • Exhaustion from caregiving
  • Repetitive strain from work or play
  • Wellness maintenance for optimal living



Please use the online booking software to make your appointment.

30 Minute Massage


60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage


You choose the length of time you would like for your massage session, and I work to accomplish your goals in that framework. Massage Treatments with me will vary based on your needs presenting that day and the amount of time we have together.

When you book your massage appointment, keep in mind that a longer massage session is ideal if you have multiple areas of complaint for us to address and are hoping for enhanced relaxation as well. It takes a bit of time for one’s nervous system to relax and for "issues in the tissues" to unwind during massage bodywork; this process cannot be rushed. It is for this very reason that my favorite length of time – to give or receive a therapeutic massage therapy session – is 90 minutes!

That being said, some folks prefer to be on a treatment table for a half hour or so. If shorter sessions feel right for you, I am happy to accommodate; I have worked with clients who experience great relief and make wonderful gains in their health with shorter manual massage therapy sessions!  Please realize that in a 30- or 60-minute appointment, we will be able to adequately address one or two areas of pain or concern. If a head-to-toe massage is what you have in mind, please book a longer session.

My Treatment style includes the use of a multitude of techniques that I intersperse throughout my massage sessions when applicable. For example:

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